Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Alternative Futures

2011: War breaks out across all Middle-Eastern Nations
2012: United States and NATO attempt to restore order to chaos. 37,000 innocent Isreali citizens die within the first week.
2013: Al-Qaeda mark the anniversary of the World Trade Center attack by flying a
commercial airliner into the Empire State Building. Rioting ensues across Northern America,
and a state of marshall law is declared.
2014: Following a series of devastating hurricanes across the South, The United States of America returns to a country of civil war not seen since 1865.
2015: World trade and industry ceases. Oil production halts. Telecommunication systems and the internet collapse. During a call for peace and security from the Vatican, the Pope is assassinated before millions, plunging the Catholic church into despair.
2016: Pakistan launches a series of nuclear warheads into India, killing millions. China, now
the global force behind world order, respond with strikes against the Pakistani people. The
Indian continent is devasted and uninhabitable. Water and power cease in Europe. There is a
breakdown of government and basic resources across the First World. Bodies in the street
cause widespread disease. A gathering of seventy million people in Malaysia declare
Osama Bin Laden to be the new messiah.
2017: An Alien Spacecraft lands in the Mojave Desert…

I’ll leave it to you to imagine what happens next. You find me in a somber and blackened mood, but with the exception of the last line I don’t see why the above couldn’t happen. Have you seen the news recently? We’re just a couple of decisions, another earthquake, another rebel faction away from fiction turning to fact…